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Dr. Joe Baldino: Brain-Based Rehabilitation

“Any manual practitioner, without a doubt, should be implementing these things. I know it’s hard to understand the concept of how it works, because it’s so not-clinical … but what ...  more  

Dr. Eugene Van Onselen Family GP

Dr. Eugene Van Onselen M.D. shares the incredible story of Kevin Osborne with us. Kevin has been suffering from Dyspraxia, Vitamin D12 Deficiency, a Neurodegenerative Disease, Mast...  more  

Dr. Brady Salcito: Chiropractor

Chiropractor Dr. Brady Salcito Westlake Village California explains how practitioners can quickly explain the Voxx HPT Technology to their patients. (VoxxLife explanation for Pract...  more  

Dr. Richard Aplin: Invision Chiropractic

What results did Dr. Richard Aplin's patients see using our VoxxLife HPT products?  more  

Dr. Sean Drake: Athletic Chiropractor

“Whether it was increasing their power, increasing stamina, increasing recovery, these were things that started showing up in everybody, and I was like… okay, I can get behind a pr...  more  

Dr. Alex Vidan: Chiropractic

“It’s important to me to see change in people’s lives … anything I can do the help with that, that’s what I want to bring to the table for them.”  more  

Dr. Lawrence Cox: Family Physician

“What I have found with Voxx is that proof is in the pudding after you start to show it to everybody. … I’ve found nine out of ten [respond], and I tell them, ‘you have a good chan...  more  

Dr. Steve Wolf: Orthopaedic Surgery

“I’ve seen it work so often. The majority of patients get tremendous improvement — it’s the gift that keeps on giving.”  more  

Dr.Tim Kehria : Chiropractic

Testimonial from Dr.Tim Kehrig DC Boynton Beach, Florida with Micah Vlassis at a brain stem health event. Check this out. Feel free to share.  more  

Dr. Mark DeBrincat Interviews Dr. Zach Bush Physician

Dr. Zach Bush is a world-renowned physician who has made it his mission to spread knowledge about physical, mental, and spiritual health from his own perspective to wide audiences.  more  

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