Pain Relief Footwear

Restoring Full Balance and Stability

VoxxLife HPT (Human Performance Technology) is an exclusive and scientifically proven technology that improves quality of life by reducing pain and can help with balance and stability. Our pain relief footwear, available as socks and insoles along with pain management patches and sleeves, serves as a non-invasive, drug free treatment that uses specially woven patterns to activate neuroreceptors on parts of your body. These products have been shown to offer individuals a safe, instant and consistent source of pain relief and recovery.

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Balance and Stability Aid

VoxxLife HPT provides the postural stability needed to maintain proper balance, allowing for greater range of motion and reducing risk of injury. Independent studies showed that people using VoxxLife HPT products experienced a 31% increase in balance and stability. Helps individuals enjoy more autonomy and enables them to keep up with favourite everyday activities.

Pain Relief

Our VoxxLife HPT pain relief footwear and patches offer a safe, non-invasive solution to everyday aches and pains. If you suffer from painful diabetic neuropathy, restless leg syndrome, plantar fasciitis, fibromyalgia or other related conditions, VoxxLife HPT Products offer we supply a drug-free, independently verified form of relief that allows people to move without discomfort.

Quality of Life

If you suffer pain in your feet and other areas of your body, or have trouble with balance and mobility, it can be difficult to complete daily tasks and get the most out of life. Many people also have trouble with sleep due to certain aches and pains. Voxx HPT has been shown to quickly and effectively tackles these issues with its drug-free pain relief technology, making it possible for you to get the most out of life.

 Pain Relief Footwear balance and stability

Pain Relief Footwear increased energy


Increased Energy

100% of participants in an independent study experienced a 36% increase in overall brain optimisation after using VoxxLife HPT pain relief footwear and other VoxxLife HPT products, leading to increased energy. Feel more empowered to take on any task, from a challenging hike to a casual walk around town.

Exercise Performance

The increased energy as a result of the Voxx HPT products offered by Wellness Products Distributors means that individuals can push themselves harder during workouts and recover with greater speed. Our pain relief footwear has helped many people return to doing the exercise they love. Products also aid improved muscle growth.

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How It Works

Pain Relief Footwear how it works


  • Voxx HPT products contain a pattern that has been specially woven into socks and insoles and is molded moulded to perfectly align with the balls of your feet
  • The pattern has a very specific sequence of neuroreceptor activation points that are designed for the bottom of your feet or forearm, triggering a signal that helps the brainstem achieve homeostasis (equilibrium, balance)
  • Such a treatment removes the uncomfortable ‘static’ in a nervous system, like adjusting a radio





 Tips to Remember About Voxx HPT...

  • Voxx HPT works quickly and effectively to alleviate symptoms and improve performance. Some people find that it takes around three weeks for them to notice the effect.
  • Works only when you are actively using the pain relief footwear. A study involving 30 participants wearing Voxx HPT continuously for eight months revealed certain benefits with long-term use in relation to neuroplasticity, so wear the human performance technology as much as possible. Many customers have reported that the longer they wear Voxx HPT, the more benefits they experienced.
  • If you have sleep issues, you may want to try sleeping with our VoxxLife pain relief footwear. Sleep is an important aspect of healing; wearing Voxx HPT in bed will notably improve your recovery.
  • Voxx HPT can increase microcirculation, which involves circulation in the smallest blood vessels. This process is necessary for the healthy functioning and healing of cells all over the body.







 If you are looking for a particular VoxxLife HPT product and cannot find it in our online shop, please get in touch with Wellness Products Distributors directly and we can arrange delivery of your selected item within 24 hours.


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